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Post Surgery Therapy Increases Mobility and Balance

Client Success Story

Client Details

Client: Cliff E.
Age: 90
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Conditions: Memory loss, spine surgery, LE weakness; wheelchair bound.
Goals: Increase mobility, function and transfers in apartment.
Plan: Ambulation with assistance, standing balance and strengthening exercises.


Cliff had surgery for cancer in his thoracic spine.  After time spent in rehab and doing home care therapy, he came to Fitness 4 Function for post-rehab physical therapy.  Cliff’s wife, Joanne, has made him do everything he can for himself and that is the best thing she could have done for him.  He can transfer to and from his wheelchair to a chair or bed.  He could dress himself, but she wanted him to continue to get as strong as possible.  Cliff was able to walk 20 feet with a walker before needing a break. 

After working with F4F, Cliff then improved to walking 100 feet before needing a break.  The one thing that hadn’t happened in a long time was a standing hug with a 2 arm embrace.  You forget sometimes those little things mean the most.  Now after a year, Cliff can walk around “the loop” at his assisted living facility and Kristy has improved his posture, endurance, strength, and function.  He and his wife are such a joy to work with.


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